A tool for GUI automation using a variety of computer vision and display control backends.

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About Guibot

There are a lot of mundane tasks related to GUI operations that could greatly benefit from automation. These could range from overnight web monitoring for good bike rentals to testing a software product’s GUI on each release cycle. This is where a bot becomes a useful assistant and the guibot library offers a way to quickly build python scripts for this.

How to use

Here is our minimal bootstrap example for those eager to start without any reading:

from guibot.guibot_simple import *


if exists('all_shapes'):
    type_text('Shapes do not exist')

For those interested in more serious examples, please check Read the Docs where you can find a gradation of them with increasing difficulty. The quick readers will also most probably need the complete API documentation which can also be found there.


The most platform independent way to get the code is through PyPI as

pip install guibot

RPM and Debian packages are also produced from the sources provided in the packaging folder. For more information on these, check the Packaging Wiki page.